Secrets of Successful People – Tip #20

Secrets of successful people – tip #20; “Where you stand depends on where you look!” Even in the setbacks there are opportunities waiting to be discovered; you will see them or miss them, based on where you stand. Sometimes there are setbacks in life that we don’t expect, things like being laid off, losing your home, death, etc. While these are emotionally painful to process in the moments, there is a reason for all things! If the planets are in perfect balance and synchronization without fail on a regular basis, for millions of years, maybe there is a reason for the things that orbit our life’s experience? Just something to think about.

How we see things affect how we experience this journey called life. Therefore, during this down time, are you seeing the opportunities that are in front of you, or are you stuck on the problems that have already occurred and passed? It’s your choice! You are more powerful than you think.

Ron Nash
Master Career Strategist
The Friend Zone.Tv
Author, “How to Find Your Dream Job, Even in a Recession”

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