How Tony Robbins Sets Goals – Final Review

As the late Michael Jackson said, “This is it”, which was a prophetic statement in many ways! That being said, this is it. This is the review of the goal setting seminar. I hope you enjoyed the content, but  more importantly, I hope you are applying it!

My friend Gene is an expert in his field and currently works as a consultant with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. Gene teaches individuals how to use the art of persuasion as a sales tool. What does that mean? Every business deal, including “Job Interviewing” is a sales situation, an opportunity to sale yourself. Many of us don’t like to refer to  ourselves as  sales people, but we are!

If you know anything about children, they are some of the best sales people ever! They are relentless and won’t take no for an answer.

Now – let’s review the top distinctions from the past 6 weeks that Gene gave us:

1. Know what you want – decide where you want to go.

o   95% of Americans don’t have written goals.

o   Without aim we drift

o    Reticular Activation System (RAS), part of brain that help convert images to reality.

2. Make sure you’re why is strong enough!

o   When we ask ourselves the right questions, we come up with the best “Why’s”. Why I should have my dream job. Why I need to find a job that I am passionate about? Why I need t o be fulfilled in my career?

3. Take Action – Action is the key!

o   The law of attraction is an amazing thing – it got a lot of attention in the early 2000’s.

o   The biggest thing many people didn’t do was “TAKE ACTION”. It’s one thing to imagine what you want, however, there are physical laws in our universe that require action.

o   Action equals motion, motion equals results!

4. People are rewarded in public for the things they practice the most in private.

o   The best in the world do the hard things behind the scenes so that when they show up they are on!

o   What are you doing in private for your career or job search?

o   Are you doing the things the unsuccessful people don’t do?

o    Are you doing the necessary work – be on the look out, your success may be wearing overalls!

5. You have to Constantly MEASURE YOUR RESULTS!

o   You must use your Sensory Acuity

o    Step out – Reevaluate your – Make the changes

6. Model the best!

o   Find someone that has achieved the outcome you want to achieve.

o   Buy someone a cup of coffee or lunch and interview them on “How they do what they do”.

o   Successful people apply the right information in the right order.

There you have it! This formula is GUARANTEED to create success if you use it. As Gene said, you MUST put the information to use – you must take ACTION in order for the information to pay dividends.

Here is another amazing testimonial from Michael Jordan:

It’s that simple. Now, I’d like to challenge you to use this information in your life over the next week. Create a plan of action and let me know how you are progressing!

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May you live the life that you dream, on earth as it is in heaven…

Ron Nash
Founder (formerly TheFriendZone.Tv)

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