Something to take the stress away!

The other day, I was feeling a little stressed and needed to unplug from the matrix… I’ve been plugged in doing lots of work, which can be rewarding, but has a way of draining the battery!

Well, I decided to take my dog (buda, a yorkie from Budapest) on a walk to the ocean and enjoy some of the sun that we’ve been blessed with before the wonderful rains that were on the way.

As I walked across a particular busy street, I looked down and saw an piece of paper that looked like a check. Well, I picked it up and it was a check! In the amount of almost $8,000. Made out to a guy, c/o a business that was in the same town I was walking my dog in.

Long story short is I because I use a smart phone (I’m connected), after some clever headhunting work I was able to track the person down and give him the check he’d lost. Needless to say that he was extremely grateful!

He even invited me and my family to lunch or dinner at his restaurant. I told him that it wasn’t necessary, and that my motivation was simple, it’s our planet and if we each treat each other with the same act of love and respect – we would experience earth as the amazing place it truly is. When he left, he called me from his phone to thank me again and to extend the invitation to dinner, which I gladly accepted.

While many of you may think about how lucky the guy was to have me find his check, I was the lucky one. The universe knew that I needed an experience to help shift my state from the stress back to my natural place of joy – it worked!

So if you are like me (a human), we tend to get caught in our web of thoughts and emotions and sometimes need to shift our focus. The moral of the story is If you are feeling a little stressed or down by what seems to be happening around you, maybe you need an opportunity to do something good for someone else – maybe?

Please post a response to let me know what you think about the information and how you are using it. Also visit my new site ( and let me know what you think! If you’d like to do any of the programs for free – ask your college to buy a bulk membership to give it’s students and alumnus. After all, you paid a lot for your education – right!

May you live the life that you dream, on earth as it is in heaven….

Ron Nash
Founder (formerly TheFriendZone.Tv)

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