Job Radio for Job Seekers!!!

I wanted to let you know that a new friend of mine has created an amazing new site called, This site is developed specifically for job seekers, by a job seeker. In fact, Mr. Kenrick Chatman is the owner of the site and has created the site based on his research and desire to help fellow job seekers. Now you might want to know if there’s a catch or hidden fee….It’s free! In fact, he’s recently created an 8 week job coaching campaign where he’s sharing many strategies based on his extensive research into what he calls “Creating Your Own Job Market”.

Kenrick also hosts a web based radio show where he invites a number of people who are published authors and or experts in their field; the show is an hour long and is very informative. You can download a copy of the show from his website if you miss a broadcast.

Kenrick is a graduate of U of T and has an MBA from U of M his background is in Strategy and Marketing so his approach the the job market is very different and creative, in fact, its one of the better approaches I’ve personally seen. Mr. Chatman is an out of the box creative solutions provider. If you are a job seeker, you may want to see what Kenrick is up to – he’s a winner!

Ron Nash
Master Career Strategist
The Friend Zone.Tv
“If you’re not a Friend, You’re just another Job Seeker”


2 Responses to Job Radio for Job Seekers!!!

  1. Thanks for the tip. Love your work. Perhaps you can speak at our Career ReBoot Camp event in October (or the one planned for January). Many top career experts will be there.

    • Carol Ann,

      Greetings from San Diego! I spoke with Eric, who found me on Linkedin. I’m interested, however, timing is of the essence, my schedule is starting to get booked. Let me know what’s next. Looking forward!


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