I’m giving my book and coaching system away for FREE!!!

Greetings Friends!

I have decided to give my book and system away for FREE! My book, “How to Find Your Dream Job, Even in a Recession” is currently selling on Amazon.com for $35.00!!!

In fact, I’ve decided to give you another gift; a free 3 day membership into my “Dream Job Online Coaching System”, in addition to the FREE e-book. You’ll understand why this is important when you’re inside The Friend Zone!

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: go to http://www.TheFriendzone.Tv website, Go to the ENROLL NOW BUTTON (RED ONE)

Step 2: Choose the FREE 3 –Day Membership

Step 3: Follow the Directions – Create your Username and Password

Step 4: Login to the Membership Area and Download the FREE E-BOOK

Step 5: JOIN ALL OF MY SOCIAL NETWORKS!!! – I HAVE MILLIONS OF CONNECTIONS (You can find a job in my network alone)

Step 6: Be sure to Listen to the Audio First, then Read the Daily Lesson, then watch the Video (if appropriate)

Step 7:send an email to coaching@thefriendzone.tv and say – Yes I want a FREE COACHING SESSION!!!

STEP 8: PAY IT FORWARD PLEASE!!! This is a limited offer… Do it today.

I am truly here to help!

Ron Nash

Master Career Strategist

Author of, “How to Find Your Dream Job, Even in a Recession”


“If you’re not a friend, you’re just another job seeker”


2 Responses to I’m giving my book and coaching system away for FREE!!!

  1. Moses Ayiku says:

    The book is not really free. In fact if you do not give a credit card or paypal information you cannot proceed to get the book. If it is for free why must one be compelled to supply credit card information? You need a contact us on your front page. Other than that despite all the promises and lofty statements the whole shebang looks like yet another internet scam!

    • Moses – Free is a word that has many meanings; you should buy the book, FREE by Chris Anderson, chief editor of Wired Magazine. I’ve had many people go to my site and get the book without paying a dime….The barrier to entry is in your mind….I hope you find what you are looking for my friend!

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