Top 10 Resume Secrets


My name is Ron Nash and I am a Master Career Strategist. I’ve been a headhunter for the past 15 years. I have service clients like Microsoft, Samsung, Cardinal Health, Allergan, and a host of others. I was recently on a panel with several human resource managers as a subject matter expert on the subject of resumes.

The great thing is that I also learned some interesting tips while on the panel, and I’d like to share them with you. There are 10 things that are extremely important that you will want to know about resume writing. This can be the difference in getting the interview or not. In case you didn’t know, you have approximately three to fifteen seconds to get the attention of the person reading your resume.

The 10 Resume Secrets Are:

1. Spelling errors typos and poor grammar are interview killers!

2. Too duty oriented – A good resume needs to have more than job duties.

3. Omitted or inaccurate dates.

4. Incomplete contact information.

5. Inappropriate email addresses – slang email addresses.

6. No Functional Resume – prefer Chronological.

7. Don’t send resumes that are too long. One page preferred, two pages maximum!

8. Run On Sentences – Long run on paragraphs are not easy or fun to read.

9. Don’t apply for a position you don’t qualify for!

10. Personal information that is not relevant to position, i.e. Church affiliations, Children’s names and Ages, etc.

Please visit my website, www.TheFriendZone, There are a ton of very good resources here for anyone who is serious about their career or job search!

I hope to see you in The Friend Zone!

Ron Nash
Master Career Strategist


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